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There are many diet plans in the market today that focus on losing weight fast by inhibiting a certain food group. While this may be a strategy fashioned after consumer insight, the "lose-10 pounds-in-7-days" tag line was really only introduced into the health arena in the last 20 years.

Before that, the primary incentive for losing weight was to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to be able to enjoy life with loved ones.

One such diet plan is the low carb diet plan. While health experts were advocating a balanced lifestyle with plenty of exercise and eating the right proportions of food, this plan was introduced into the market with a bang because it was the first idea that sponsored losing weight the easy way.

Today, this plan is as popular as ever because people see results within a short period of time. Another big incentive for following this plan is the fact that celebrities were openly supporting the program as effective.

It's plain and simple that people are getting satisfaction as they gain more knowledge in their field of interest. A low carb diet planner then proves to be very helpful. 

Low Carb Diet Planner is a complete ebook that gives you a low carb dieting plan that you will follow for 30 days and lose over 20 pounds.

Low Carb Diet Planner sells for $37 and when you become an affiliate you are paid 75% of every sale your make, which means you earn $25 per sale. And when you register with us as an affiliate you get marketing material, training and email support as well.


Who Can Become Our Affiliate?

- If you want to help people effortlessly lose weight and get paid for doing it, you can become an affiliate.

- If you are looking for a way to start making money online as an affiliate and earn commissions you can join this affiliate program.

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 And you can join our affiliate program from any country in the world.


How will you get paid?

 Payments are sent through check (sent by mail), bank wire transfer and direct deposit.

 You are paid 75% of every sale you make, which means you earn $35 per sale.

 Our affiliate sales and payments are handled by Clickbank and are always on time.

 Payments are paid out every 2 weeks.


When you become our registered affiliate we will personally work with you, one-on-one, to ensure you are successful with all of your marketing... website, blog, newsletters, ezine, search engine marketing. We will make sure of your success even if you are an absolute beginner and never done any form of marketing online.


Simply Follow These Steps To Become An Affiliate And Start Making Immediate Commissions...



First Step: Join Clickbank For Free.


For our affiliate tracking and payments we use ClickBank which is the leader in digital sales and affiliate processing. Joining is totally free and you will never be asked to pay a certain fee ever.


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ClickBank will pay you directly every 2 weeks, which means if you consistently make sales every week you will get payments in every 2 weeks. That means every two weeks you will be depositing a check in the bank. Your days of being broke will be gone forever.

You can either choose to be sent payments when your sales commission reach $50 or more. Payments are sent through a check (sent through mail), bank wire transfer or direct deposit.

After you join you will obtain a user ID and password that you will use to access your Clickbank back office account. Your clickbank back office is where you will track your sales and update your personal details.

Please make sure that you store your details in a safe place so that you don't forget them and be sure not to share time....



Next Step: Make Your Trackable Referral Link.


Now use your Clickbank 'user ID' to make your trackable referral link. Its important that you do this right because this is how we are able to track your sales and credit the commissions to your clickbank account.


dark-red-arrow-06_R Insert your referral link:

To make your referral link replace your "user id" in place of "xxxxx".

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Replace "XXXX" above with your ClickBank ID.

http:// Your User

This will be your unique referral link that you will use when promoting this product. The more targeted traffic you will send to this link the more sales you will make. If you don't know how to send targeted traffic to your referral link don't worry the next step will show you how.... 



Last Step: Register For Marketing Tools And Training.


Internet marketing is totally different from any other form of marketing. In order for you to reach your targeted market you have to use effective marketing strategies. Different marketing solutions bring you different results, so if you are using a strategy that is not effective you will not see any results. (No results No money)

Since we want you to be able to market our product effectively and see results we highly recommend that you register with us.


dark-red-arrow-06_R When you register with us you receive:

 Our low carb dieting affiliate marketing training ebook: This is a step by step ebook that trains you on how to setup your affiliate marketing sales funnel. The internet marketing strategies we show you don't require you to have any money to start or any previous experience.

 Pre made affiliate marketing material: We provide everything you need to start earning a massive 75% commission virtually on auto-pilot. You receive the following affiliate marketing training material...

    - Banners
    - Articles
    - Ecourse
    - Email Follow ups
    - Brandable Free Report
    - Landing pages
    - Advertising Content

 Get one on one email support: We provide top-rated customer service to all our affiliates (beginner and advanced affiliates). We answer all questions, help with any issue and ensure that every customer is using our marketing material effectively.

 You will also receive email affiliate training and updates: Once you are our subscriber you will also get email training to help you expend your business. And every time we add new marketing material we will let you know.


dark-red-arrow-06_R What is required to register?: Registering is free and you will never ever be required to pay, but they are certain conditions we would like you to fall under.

Have a working email address where your training will be sent to.

You should have a positive mindset to success.

And know that when starting out some work is required (Be prepared to work).

If all the conditions are met and you register with us, we can guarantee you that with our training you will definitely help people lose weight and get paid every two weeks for doing it.


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